Prayer List:   If you know of anyone who is in need of a homebound visit, please contact church office or Pastor Susan Hanson at 610.393.6971
Homebound or in Nursing Care:
Sylvia Brewer, Joanne Batten, Helen Yeager, Norma Ritschard, Raymond Drumheller
Members and Friends in Need of Prayer:
Helen Wells (sister of Shirley Miller & Bill Ebinger) is declining slowly but surely at the nursing facility where she now lives. 
Helen Raser had back surgery at Rothman, Jefferson.  Please pray that she'll feel less pain as a result and be active again soon. 
Joan Deiner had an outpatient procedure at Pottstown Hospital & is home recuperating. 
Brenda, the wife of a co-worker of Deb Rick had the same procedure on the same day & is home recuperating.  She also has an infection and pneumonia.
Billings family as they search for a new home. Please pray for them
Bill and Brianna Jones please pray for them
Jennifer Pagliaro – Friend of Tina Dehning; has Stage IV Metastatic Breast Cancer & was told that the cancer had spread to her liver, lungs, and bones.  On 5/11/2017 she received her first good report in 2 years!  No more sign of cancer in her liver; masses in her lungs had shrunk; and the tumors in her bones have "been resolved”! Because I didn't add her to the St. Vincent Prayer list until May of this year, I've decided to credit our amazing St. Vincent prayer warriors with this regression.  Thank you (And keep praying!)
Jake Weeks (friend of Reppert’s) who has Leukemia
Joan Diener – is in Pottstown Hospital for kidney stones - Room 513.
Earl Burgess – Recovering from hip surgery at home.
Family & Friends of one-week old Quinn Charlotte Sitcler who died  Her triplet sisters, Zoe Frances & Iris Rey are doing well.  Sitcler’s are Family friends of Pastor Susan.
Marti Bowen -- Matt's mom, continues to struggle with thyroid cancer.  She's on a new medication.  Please pray that it slows the progression of the disease and that she tolerates the medicine.
Lisa Fisher – friend of Jen Epps, recovering from surgery, doing well but has a very long road of recovery ahead. Needs lots of prayers for continued strength and healing!
Bob, Dick, and Maryellen Moore -- Dot Fryer asked us to continue prayers for them
Family and Friends of Theresa Capoferri, Cleta's mother who passed away.
Family & Friends of Jim Donahue (friend of the Ebingers) who passed away.
Roger Billings – Home recovering from surgery.
Susan (of Jane and Susan, coworkers of Brenda McFadden) got good news from the doctor and is home recovering
Sue Simpson -- friend of Linda Grinnell’s suffering with inoperable brain cancer; prognosis is bleak. Urgent prayers needed.
Family and Friends of Chris Vishio - brother of a co-worker to Keith Patterson who died suddenly.    

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