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CAPITAL CAMPAIGN  is Ongoing --  A very big thank you for your Donation if you have contributed.  Just a reminder, contributions are still welcomed at any time or any amount.  Please mark your check & /or your envelope "Capital Improvement".  Contributions can be placed in the collection basket with your weekly offering.

PAINTING -- The total cost of painting is $39,805. This includes all of the interior and exterior, plus the two oak doors are being refinished, the cedar on the bell tower is being treated, and any white aluminum is being painted.
PARKING LOT -- The property committee is still working on what all to have done. The cost for this will be between $3800 and $7500.
CARPET-- Painter suggested we replace the carpet and gave us a great  rate to have it replaced. It looks wonderful!

There may still be a few extras come up, but overall, this should be everything. Thank you again to all that have contributed and for all who are still planning to do so . Your amount will be included on the year end giving statement. All the work, except the parking lot, is completed, our little old church looks brand new. Our members and friends are GREAT.

                           Ken Bainbridge, Consistory President

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Happy Birthdays in August

8/1       Josie Moss
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8/21     Brianna Jones
8/22     Earl Brungess
8/27     Bob Miller

8/27     Payton Bebco

7/30   Josie Bowen

7/30   Pam Rossi

7/31   Kitty Ritschard

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